Did you know that primates evolved over the last 85 million years ago from mammals? And we humans evolved just about 2.3 million years ago.

The Human Evolution

We still behave like primates don’t we (well yes, sometimes for sure).

Why did we choose the word ‘human’, and why do we call ourselves so? There are many versions to this.

  • Latin word ‘Homo’, which means a man or a being
  • Middle English words ‘Hue’ i.e. a gradation, plus a ‘man’ which makes it ‘Hueman’ i.e. Human
  • Sanskrit word ‘Hanuma’ which is the name of the sacred monkey god who is highly revered in India (notice the resemblances with the word ‘Human’)

While we will never know the real truth behind how the word ‘human’ was coined, I would like to tell you some quick stories about Lord Hanuma.

The stories of Lord Hanuma are all detailed in the ‘Ramayana’. While, I will not be able to tell you the entire story in this post, it is important to note the following:

  1. Hanuma is supposed to have been a monkey
  2. Hanuma as a child had multiple magical powers
  3. He was cursed to forget all of his magical powers, early on in his life
  4. The King of Bears, ‘Jambavan’, helped Hanuma rediscover his magical powers, using which he traveled over 10,000 KMs in a few hours to bring a sacred plant to save the life of ‘Lakshman’

Why am I writing about all these? Lets look at a the four points written above:

1.Hanuma is supposed to have been a monkeyWe as Humans are supposed to be better evolved than monkeys. Aren’t we?
2.Hanuma as a child had multiple magical powersWe as Humans have magical powers when we are born. Do you know that just born human babies can crawl? Search for the term ‘Breast Crawl’ on YouTube. Did you know that just born human babies can roll over? These are just a samples I am writing about here.
3.He was cursed to forget all of his magical powers, early on in his lifeOur way of life curses us to forget all our magical powers and normal powers from early on in our lives, to the extent that we have to learn them once again. The babies have to re-learn to roll-over when they are 4 months old, and crawl when they are 6 months old. We have not stopped here! We as humans have also found lovely and innovative ways of destroying ourselves, with very interesting things to consume such as Sugar, Salt, Colas, Meat, Drugs, etc.
We all have magical powers within. However, you will never be able to discover them with your current way of life, if at all there is anything left in your ‘life’ in the first place.
4.The King of Bears, Jambavan, helped Hanuma rediscover his magical powers, using which he traveled over 10,000 KMs in a few hours to bring a sacred plant to save the life of ‘Lakshman’This signifies two things,
1) You will need to find a Guru who can help you discover the powers within i.e. the Ojas within
2) You will need to do it early. If you try and discover these powers when you are 60, your body will not support the search, and even if you find the powers your body will not be able to keep pace with the powers at hand.

Hanuma, a monkey was able to figure all these out more than 5,000 years ago. He is thus revered in India as a god. But we as Humans, are unable to figure out any of these today.

The word ‘Human’ signifies our ability, to achieve what Hanuma was able to achieve on this mother Earth and Beyond.

Why am I writing all these? At a personal level, I have debated with myself ‘n’ number of times if these aspects should be written about. The answer I always get back is a reluctant ‘yes’.

Reluctant because, most people would not understand. Few people who understand, might not have the right frame of mind towards the larger good, to imbibe the principles.

But I write because I am sure there are a few who Believe; Believe that there is something more than what we see, touch, smell, talk and feel; something that is about truly being ‘Human’, and something that is about ‘Beyond Human’.

Till the next time, my best wishes, love and blessings.

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